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Emergency Number: 911

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Everett, Heidi Elaine

Booking Number: B20000000105
Charges: 20-1204a Contempt of Court.
Indirect: STAT
Bond: 0
Arresting Agency: Rooks County Sheriff's Office
Date: 20200529 18:10
Age: 38, Sex: F, Race: W

Fowler, Katelynn Julanne

Booking Number: B20000000140
Charges: 21-5904(a1)(Bb)(1B) Interference w/LEO.
Falsely report a felony crime by LEO intend action on info: STAT
Bond: 25000
Arresting Agency: Phillips County Sheriff's Office
Date: 20200804 13:29
Age: 20, Sex: F, Race: W

Hays, Christina Marie

Booking Number: B20000000117
Charges: 22-3716 Probation Violation: STAT
Bond: 0
Arresting Agency: Osborne County Sheriff's Office
Date: 20200624 01:40
Age: 34, Sex: F, Race: W

Lamb, Gabriel Matthew

Booking Number: B20000000112
Charges: 21-5412(d)(1)(e4) Aggravated assault of LEO.
Use of a deadly weapon: STAT|8-1566 Reckless driving.
unknown conviction: STAT|8-2503(a)(1) Failure to wear seatbelt.
18+ years: STAT|8-235(a)(f) Operate a motor vehicle without a valid license: STAT|8-1567(a2)(b1)(A) Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
1st conv.
blood/breath .08 or >: STAT|8-1602(a)(b2) Failure to stop at accident.
Injury or damage over $1000: STAT|8-1703 Driving without headlights when needed: STAT|21-5904(a3)(b5)(A) Interference with LEO.
obstruct/resist/oppose felony warrant service or execution: STAT|8-1568(b1)(C)(c2) Flee or attempt to elude LEO by engaging in reckless driving: STAT|21-5801(a)(1)(b3) Theft of property or services.
Value $1500 to $25000: STAT|8-1548 Unsafe turning or stopping.
Failure to give proper signal: STAT|41-727(a)(b)(d2) Liquor.
Purchase/possess/consume by minor 18-20 yrs.
1st conviction: STAT
Bond: 50000
Arresting Agency: Plainville PD
Date: 20200607 01:20
Age: 18, Sex: M, Race: W

Rietcheck, Brandon John

Booking Number: B20000000050
Charges: 21-5706(a)(c)(1) Possession of opiate opium narcotic or certain stimulant: STAT|21-5705(a1)(d5)(B) Distribute opiate/narcotic/certain stim/heroin.
3.5 - <100 grams in 1000' school: STAT|21-5904(a2)(b4)(B) Interference with LEO.
Conceal/alter/destroy evidence in felony case: STAT|21-5709(b)(2)(e3) Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body: STAT|79-5204 Taxation.
No drug tax stamp for marijuana or cont substance: STAT|21-5706(b3)(c2)(A) Possession of hallucinogenic drug: STAT|22-2401(a) Arrest by LEO.
Warrant arrest: STAT|21-5413(c3)(Dg)(3C) Battery on LEO.
City/county officer/employee on duty: STAT|21-5415(a)(1) Criminal threat.
Cause terror evacuation or disruption: STAT
Bond: 60000
Arresting Agency: Rooks County Sheriff's Office
Date: 20200215 23:47
Age: 30, Sex: M, Race: W

Williams, Val G.

Booking Number: B20000000142
Bond: 0
Arresting Agency:
Date: 20200808 00:13
Age: 69, Sex: M, Race: B

Wojtczuk, Thomas Stephen

Booking Number: B20000000090
Charges: 22-4903(a)(c1)(A1) Violate offender registration act.
1st conviction.
person: STAT|21-5403(a)(1) Murder in the 2nd degree.
Intentional: STAT|21-6304(a)(2) Criminal possession of weapon by felon.
Convicted within 5 years: STAT
Bond: 1050000
Arresting Agency: Rooks County Sheriff's Office
Date: 20200409 18:51
Age: 40, Sex: M, Race: W